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[audio]E100-15: Genesis 45:1-46:7: Reconciliation - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Our last reading left things open-ended - this shows full and dramatic reconciliation, an explosion of emotion from Joseph, and a clue as to what made the difference between last reading and this one. It makes so much difference to how we live if we really recognise what is going on, and Joseph can give us a clue too...
Keywords: bible; genesis; e100; joseph
Downloads: 30
[audio]E100-23: Joshua 1: Joshua Succeeds Moses - Dr Tim Bulkeley
This chapter focuses on Joshua taking over from Moses, now that (at the end of Deuteronomy) Moses is dead and gone (though no one except God) saw him die. In the reading we learn a lot about how the Bible views leadership, and it does not easily fit with any of our modern, well-worn patterns. Thank God! We also (not coincidentally) learn about cooperation among God's people.
Keywords: Joshua; Bible; biblical studies
Downloads: 27
[audio]E100-30: Ruth 1:1 - 4:22: At last a nice story! - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Well, Judges was thoroughly censored for E100, as it is for most church use, the bits we got were the rare good bits, cf. my Twisted tales: or should the book of Judges be censored? (which got me into trouble with a fundamentalist who could not be bothered to actually listen to what I was saying before condemning me to hell - so it may be worth listening to ;) Ruth is about âredemptionâ, the need for husband for Ruth and so a baby to continue the âhouse of Elimelekâ and to provide for the tw...
Keywords: ruth; reading; narrative; biblical
Downloads: 25
[audio]E100-20: Exodus 13-14: Crossing the Reed Sea - Dr Tim Bulkeley
In this podcast we'll notice just how firmly this passage tells us that the miracle at the Reed Sea* was indeed entirely a miracle. We'll notice how good source critics were/are at spotting small discrepancies in texts, but also how little the composers of the Bible seemed to care about detail, concerned with things that matter (relationships, especially and particularly our relationship with God) rather than "facts" which are merely of secondary importance...
Keywords: exodus; narrative; biblical studies; red sea; reed sea
Downloads: 18
[audio]E100-35: 2 Samuel 5:1 - 7:29: Bible stories have depth! - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Bible stories, with a few exceptions (maybe some parables for example) do NOT have nice neat "morals". If you want to say "and the moral of the story is..." don't read the Bible. But by contrast if you want people with real depth, who make it difficult for us to work out what their motives are, and therefore hard to simply place them in appropriate "boxes", the Bible is the book for you :) In this reading we'll notice depth and complexity in two of the less central characters, Michal and Nathan...
Keywords: 2 Samuel; narrative; Bible stories
Downloads: 39
[audio]E100-51: John 1:1 - 1:18: Mystery as poetry - Dr Tim Bulkeley
As a child I loved those old hymns that talked about God as a mystery: Immortal, invisible, God only wise, in light inaccessible hid from our eyes... Even if at first I had to ask what some of the words meant ;) actually understanding the words doesn't end the mystery... John one has the same effect except the words are easy â it's how they are used that's magic :) This brain twisting poetry is also chock full of solid Christian doctrine.
Keywords: Jesus; John; poetry; prologue; prolog; mystery
Downloads: 25
[audio]E100 week 4: Exodus 1-18: Freed from other masters - Dr Tim Bulkeley
In this podcast, before looking at the passages selected for week 4, Iâll do a quick overview of what I think we should have noticed from Genesis (a sort of 30 second recap of weeks 1-3 ;) Then Iâll try to set the scene for week 4, which covers the story of the Exodus. Phrasing it that way though is perhaps not the best summary of Exodus 1-18. After listening to my podcast maybe you can suggest a better one?
Keywords: exodus; narrative; biblical studies; theology; slavery
Downloads: 11
[audio]E100-19: Exodus 12: A great festival, but a huge theological problem - Dr Tim Bulkeley
I'm torn two ways on how to respond to this reading: * on one side, a great opportunity to explain Passover, the great festival that celebrates God as liberator, saviour and enimy of powerful oppressors * on the other, when I read (the Bible or the Newsâ¦) I tend to sympathise with those who suffer, and while in earlier chapters that's the Israelites, here I feel the pain of bereaved Egyptian parents â how can the God who we have discovered so far in Genesis commit such a barbarous act? There...
Keywords: exodus; narrative; biblical studies; passover
Downloads: 20
[audio]E100-39: 1 Kings 16:29 - 19:18: The big fight at Mt Carmel - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Since this is a gripping, but well-known, story what I'll try to do in this podcast is show you how a bit of context (see here for more on context and understanding the Bible). I'll also tell you God's two nicknames, in some religious traditions knowing all a god's names is really important, in Hinduism the god Vishnu has 1,000 names, in Islam there is a tradition that God has 99 names. Yahweh the God the Bible talks about has kicknames as well as formal names! A couple of photos to illustrate t...
Keywords: 1 Kings; elijah; mt carmel; biblical; narrative; bible study
Downloads: 16
[audio]E100-16: Exodus 1-2: Naming names - Dr Tim Bulkeley
In reading (by which I mean understanding, making sense of) these chapters weâll find that noticing unusual details, things that stick out, can be a real clue to what is important. Naming, and not naming, are really significant here, not least that God is not named â oh, Godâs talked about, but âGodâ is a title or description not a name, this âGodâ will get a name in the next chapter⦠Here, too, well find that hearing echoes of other parts of Scripture can be strong clues to meaning...
Keywords: exodus; narrative; biblical studies; theology; God
Downloads: 21
[audio]E100-26: Judges 2:6 - 3:6: A vicious cycle or A divine alarm-clock? - Dr Tim Bulkeley
There's a nasty cycle that repeats time and again in Judges, and that forms a theme of the history in the books of Samuel and Kings too: * Israel forgets that Yhwh is the ONE who has given them everything * they start to worship/serve other Gods * God allows an enemy to oppress them * they call to God â who raises up a strong leader who by God's power rescues them This pattern was described in Deuteronomy so these books (with Joshua) get called the "Deuteronomistic History" by scholars...
Keywords: deuteronomist; deuteronomistic history; deuteronomy; judges; bible; bible study
Downloads: 23
[audio]E100 Week 8:The Fall of Israel - Dr Tim Bulkeley
"The fall of Israel" is a theological (not historical) title. This five covers almost the whole history of the Israelite kingdoms from David to the destruction of Jerusalem. The Deuteronomistic History (Joshua-Kings) from which they all come (cf. remarks on Judges) tell the story with the end in view, one important goal of these books is to explain the fall of Jerusalem and the exile. So this is a good selection to understand what is going on: 1...
Keywords: bible; david; judah; kings
Downloads: 24
[audio]E100 week 5: The Law and the Land - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Despite its title this five has little about the law, and not enough about the covenant (binding agreement) to which this law belongs. The selection of passages (the first time I have strongly differed from the choice made by the organisers) is weighted towards American Evangelical favourite Sunday School stories. Having got that gripe off my chest, we'll notice how in these readings we learn (again) about what it does and does not mean to be God's chosen people...
Keywords: Exodus; Joshua; law; promised land
Downloads: 18
[audio]E100-55: Matthew 3:13 - 4:17: Testing the Messiah - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Matthew has introduced Jesus, giving his genealogy, linking him to the story of God's chosen people in particular to David the great king (messiah) and Abraham the ancestor (patriarch) whom God first chose and blessed to be the blessing of the rest of humanity, and four really interesting women. He has told the birth, with a focus on kingship (messiah) and opposition (Herrod's massacre of innocents)...
Keywords: Jesus; Matthew; gospel; gospels; incarnation
Downloads: 67
[audio]E100-59: Luke 10:25 - 10:37: The Good Samaritan, or is it? - Dr Tim Bulkeley
OK this story must be one of the best-known that Jesus ever told, everyone has heard it! And if not (at least if they speak English or French or just about any other European language) they know the main characterâs name â The Good Samaritan. Except that, what we know if we know this, is all wrong! Jesus was a prophet so to understand what heâs doing here we need to remind ourselves how Prophets work...
Keywords: E100; Jesus; Luke; Narrative; NT; Parable; Prophets; Righteousness good Samaritan; Jesus; Luke; Parable; prophet
Downloads: 72
[audio]E100-80: Acts 25:1 - 28:31: Ending in Rome? - Dr Tim Bulkeley
In the legal manouvreing at the start of this reading Paul quotes Isaiah: Listen and listen but not understand look and look but not see! But if the Bible is perspicuous (listen to The Perspicuity of Scripture) so is creation: we can't miss evidence of God, but sometimes we don't want to hear... And what a frustrating ending! How does Paul's story end? Luke presumably knew if Acts was written about AD 70 because these events had happened some 8 years earlier...
Keywords: E100; Acts; Paul
Downloads: 11
[audio]E100-89: 2 Timothy 3:10 - 4:8: Scripture - Dr Tim Bulkeley
This passage, which begins and ends with Paul's suffering, centres on Scripture. It contains the verse which in Evangelical circles is probably the second best known (after John 3:16) Bible reference of all (more rightly it should be two verses, since one cannot understand 2 Tim 3:16 without the purpose declared in 2 Tim 3:17). 2 Timothy 3:16-17 All Scripture - is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that those who belong to God may be thoroughly equippe...
Keywords: 1&2 Tim; Titus; E100 Bible; Bible abuse; God breathed; Scripture
Downloads: 10
[audio]E100-85: Colossians 1:1 - 1:23: The Supremacy of Christ - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Colossians - like Ephesians and the Pastorals (1 & 2 Tim and Titus) - is often thought to be by someone copying Paul but itâs ideas (and some wording) seem to have been used in Ephesians, which would make it very early if it is not not really by Paul. I cannot understand the excitement over debating back and forward whether Paul wrote it. It is in the Bible, it is addressed a very early church, and has messages that are important for us...
Keywords: E100 Christ hymn; Christology; Colossians; hymn; letters; Paul
Downloads: 9
[audio]E100-82: Galatians 5:16 - 6:10: The Fruit of the Spirit - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Unlike the theological treatise in Romans, Galatians seems to be written to particular people known to Paul, and with a particular situation in mind - Jewish Christian preachers who were calling for restoration of Biblical Principles (observance of the Old Testament law). So after the greeting, Paul starts combatitively in Gal 1:6-10. In the light of this he needs to spend the rest of chapter 1 and all of 2 defending himself as an Apostle...
Keywords: E100; Galatians; Gospel; life; Paul; spirit
Downloads: 10
[audio]E100-57: Matthew 6:5 - 7:29: Sermon on the Mount Part 2 - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Prayer and Parables This section is a mix of teaching and parables. There is so much to talk about, so Iâll focus on how Jesus teaches: * like a true Jew! * in parables 6:5-8 sounds just like the prophets: true religion is not about what other people think of us, but Jusus is even more deeply theological. Remember the Bible is about God! Like all of Jesus teaching this is radical stuff the whole Christian music industry risks being demolished at a stroke, not to mention using crosses as jewelle...
Keywords: E100; Jesus; Matthew; Parable; prayer
Downloads: 17
[audio]E100-50: Malachi 1:1 - 4:6: The book that makes the bridge - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Malachi is a short prophetic book, the name Malachi just means "my messenger" which seems to be what the speaker calls himself. It has no more details of time, place or person in the superscription (as most prophetic books do), but the content suggests Judah after the exile under Persian rule. The book opens opens with a strong statement of Yahweh's election of Israel, using hyperbole (exageration) to make it's impact...
Keywords: prophet; prophecy; Malachi; Bible; Old Testament
Downloads: 72
[audio]E100 Week 11: The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ - Dr Tim Bulkeley
What is a âGospelâ? Not a collection of sayings, because they tell more stories, but not a biography, they almost miss out most of Jesus' life! We'll get an idea what Gospels really are by looking at how each Gospel concludes (Matt 28:17-20; Mark 16:15-20; Luke 24:51-53; John 20:30-31). Then, the four gospels begin so differently! They are different so we get four different âtakesâ on Jesus, a full rounded view, not one person's biases.
Keywords: Jesus; John; Luke; Mark; Matthew; gospel; gospels
Downloads: 43
[audio]E100-76: Acts 9:1 - 9:31: The Road to Damascus - Dr Tim Bulkeley
"The Road" or "The Way" common Biblical picture language for a way of life or the direction we are "going", but it is also used several times in Acts (almost, or probably, only in Acts) as a name for being a Christian. It is a good name because metanoia, repentance, is about turning round and going a different way. Acts also is a book about journeys, with lots of individual voyages, and also the journey of the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome - from Jewish sect to global faith...
Keywords: E100; Acts; Narrative; Paul; Way
Downloads: 10
[audio]E100-59: Luke 10:25 - 10:37: The Good Samaritan, or is it? - Dr Tim Bulkeley
OK this story must be one of the best-known that Jesus ever told, everyone has heard it! And if not (at least if they speak English or French or just about any other European language) they know the main characterâs name â The Good Samaritan. Except that, what we know if we know this, is all wrong! Jesus was a prophet so to understand what heâs doing here we need to remind ourselves how Prophets work...
Keywords: E100; Jesus; Luke; NT; Narrative; Parable; Prophets; Righteousness
Downloads: 14
[audio]E100-17: Exodus 3-4: Getting the holy between your toes! - Dr Tim Bulkeley
What matters, what really matters, is getting the holy between our toes. In this reading we discover Moses getting on first name terms wiuth God, and what (perhaps) God's name means. This is "holy ground" even compared to most other parts of the Bible, so take your shoes off, and listen. No, God's name yhwh does not just mean the 'One who is' and it for sure does not mean "Don't ask, because I won't tell you!" but to find out what more I think it means listen in ;)
Keywords: exodus; narrative; biblical studies; theology; God; Yahweh; name of God
Downloads: 30
[audio]E100-58: Matthew 13:1 - 13:58: More about parables - Dr Tim Bulkeley
This chapter is a big sack of parables, and weâve already seen that a parable is in essence a comparison, where light is thrown on something by talking about something else, better known or more clear or vivid. The parable of the the sower is particularly complicated and developed, with lots of details but still turns on a comparison. Though Jesus does not (at first) tell his audience what it is, he wants them to think: âif you have ears then hear!â There is an English proverb thatâs pretty ...
Keywords: E100; Grace; Jesus; Matthew; Parable
Downloads: 11
[audio]E100: Week 16: The Church breaks loose! - Dr Tim Bulkeley
This week's readings tell the exciting story of how the Church broke loose. Till this time faith and culture had been intimately related. So if you wanted to convert to Judaism you became Jewish and adopted the rules and customs of Jewish life. In particular you adopted the 613 rules of the Torah. The first two readings tell of Saul's conversion and (the now renamed) Paulâs first missionary journey and the conversion of Jews and Gentiles...
Keywords: Acts; E100
Downloads: 5
[audio]E100-42: Psalm 51:1 - 51:19: Have mercy on me - Dr Tim Bulkeley
The biblical text tells us how to read this psalm. Whether or not we agree with those who see the words âbuild the walls of Jerusalemâ at the end as a reference to the need to (re)build after the destruction of 586, and so (perhaps along with other reasons) see the psalm as actually written later, we are told to read the psalm against the story of David's sin and Nathan's visit NB: the headings like are often printed as if they had less authority than the big bold headings Bible publishers ad...
Keywords: psalms; psalm 51; david; bible; biblical study
Downloads: 43
[audio]E100-46: Isaiah 51:1 -€“ 53:12: Reading prophets for pleasure and profit - Dr Tim Bulkeley
I have not focused these 5 Minutes on how Is 53 speaks so clearly about Jesus, it is the Old Testament passage that is most clearly, directly and simply fulfilled in Christ. But that status should not make it paradigmatic for undedrstanding how Jesus fulfills Scripture. For more on that (and there is nothing on that in this podcast :( see What DOES "fulfil" mean? And other podcasts on this topic here...
Keywords: history; prophet; prophecy; bible; biblical studies
Downloads: 40
[audio]E100-66: Luke 22:1 - 46: The Last Supper - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Passover was the greatest pilgrimage festival for 1st century Jews, Jerusalem was packed with people (like for a world cup - only more crowded ;) celebrating the great liberation from foreign oppression that God worked for Moses and the ancestors in Exodus. No wonder the Romans were jumpy, no wonder the Sadducees on the Sanhedrin (Jewish council) shared their concern, and it was an ideal opportunity for the Pharisees to do something about a dangerously radical Rabbi who failed to respect proper ...
Keywords: E100; Jesus; last supper; Luke
Downloads: 10
[audio]E100-62: Matthew 14:22 - 14:36: Walking on Water - Dr Tim Bulkeley
As it does in Luke, Matthewâs account the feeding of the 5,000 follows after Herod speculating that Jesus is John come back to life, but Matthew used this opportunity to tell the gruesome story of Johnâs death. Luke moved quickly from Johnâs death, to tell of the disciplesâ successful mission, whereas Matthew tell us that when Jesus heard of Johnâs death he âwithdrew to a deserted placeâ. Into this low point where we seem focused on the powerful political opposition that miracle comes as ...
Keywords: E100; Jesus; Matthew; miracles
Downloads: 8
[audio]E100-71: Acts 2:1-47: The Day of Pentecost July 26, 2010 tim No comments - Dr Tim Bulkeley
An unheard of miracle that foreshadows the spread of the gospel to all the world and the fellowship that transcends frontiers and cultures. Like in Joel everyone receives Godâs Spirit, young as well as old, women and men alike, slave and free, the Spirit bursts all human categories. Indeed death could not hold him down â Jesus lives in his people, the work continues! Is it now you'll begin to reign? Yes, but not in a tawdry political kingdom...
Keywords: Acts; E100; Holy Spirit; pentecost
Downloads: 9
[audio]E100-75: Acts 10:1 - 11:18: Good News for All - Dr Tim Bulkeley
In Matt 26 when Peter was supposed to be praying with Jesus he went to sleep, here a similar physical need interrupts his prayer, he's hungry (in Peterâs retelling says he fell asleep here too :) But God uses the two situations quite differently - here his hunger gives him a vision! When God says... ! OK God's message to Peter is quite clear, the behavioural rules that we think measure God's favour don't, the good news of God's love is for everyone...
Keywords: E100; Jesus; NT Acts; Law; Peter; rules
Downloads: 151
[audio]E100-68: John 19:1 - 19:42: The Crucifixion - Dr Tim Bulkeley
This chapter gives what it tells us is an eyewitness account of a Roman execution. Jesus, who has done no real wrong, except offend the religious leaders, and worry the politicians is subjested to the casual brutality of an imperial production-line death. Such a death, of an innocent man, is shocking. But Jesus was not merely a man, this was also the death of God, so as Jesus points out to the Roman govenor, Pilate, "You would have no power over me unless it had been given you" John 19:11 such a...
Keywords: E100; Jesus; John crucifixion; death
Downloads: 10
[audio]E100-63: John 9:1 - 9:41: Who sinned? And who's really blind? - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Notice the opening - beginnings are often important - and in this case that importance is highlighted when the theme is repeated, that's another clue - we repeat things that matter! The man born blind is a great character, do enjoy listening to him "naively" running rings round the clever religious scholars :) So, it's all about spotting who Jesus is, and the evidence is what he does â handsome is as handsome does! Or better about spotting what God is doing and the appropriate response is worsh...
Keywords: Jesus; John; miracles
Downloads: 9
[audio]E100-74: Acts 8:26 - 8:40: Philip preaches Isaiah - Dr Tim Bulkeley
There are a couple of things to notice here: * firstly how Luke stresses the role of the Holy Spirit (or rather, God, since at the start it is "an angel of the Lord") * it may have been a desert/wilderness road but like Abraham in Gen 12 "he got up and went" our response to such promptings is often more cautious, even at times Jonah-like * the Ethiopian official was prepared (been to temple, so God-fearer, reading Scripture - measure of his importance he had a copy) * Isaiah again! Bible Jesus R...
Keywords: Isaiah; Acts; E100; philip; ethiopian eunuch
Downloads: 10
[audio]E100-41: Psalm 23:1 - 23:6: A psalm of the life of faith - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Perhaps the best known and popular psalm among both Jews and Christiansbut not easy to categorise, except that it expresses trust in God. The imagery makes even better sense when some geography and culture is understood: sheep follow shepherds, they are not left on the hills and then driven green pastures, means land where there is some green vegetation, not just rocks and dust wadis: steep sided gorges, semi-desert little vegetation, quick run off from hills = flash floods For more on this see...
Keywords: psalms; psalm 23; 23rd psalm; lord is my shepherd; shepherd psalm; bible; biblical study
Downloads: 68
[audio]E100-34: 1 Samuel 23:7 - 24:22: Two noble opponents - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Just when you begin to wonder if any Bible story is really suitable for simple Sunday School reading, and have begun to suspect that the Bible has no message but: Humans are broken and need mending, humnans are sinful and therefore they keep spoiling God's lovely world and hurting each other. Along comes a story to remind us of another truth... Just as the story of Ruth followed the grime of Judges, so now in 1 Samuel 24 we get a story, set amid the war and political jostling of the beginnings o...
Keywords: 1 Samuel; Narrative; biblical narrative; Saul; David
Downloads: 14
[audio]E100: Week 15: The Spirit breaks loose! - Dr Tim Bulkeley
The last reading last week about the ascension of Jesus to heaven explained that soon the Spirit would come. The disciples might not know all the secrets of God (as religions forever claim to do), but they will experience and share God's power. Then in the first reading this week we move from the ascension to Pentecost, foreshadowing the spread of the gospel to everyone, each in their own language...
Keywords: Acts; E100; NT; holy spirit; spirit
Downloads: 10
[audio]E100-18: Exodus 6-11: The big fight - Dr Tim Bulkeley
What else could we call it? God vs. Pharaoh, it's a foregone conclusion â exceptâ¦
Keywords: exodus; narrative; biblical studies; theology; God; Yahweh; name of God
Downloads: 21
[audio]E100-92: 2 Corinthians 4:1 - 6:2: Cracked pots - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Clay vessels were everywhere, plates, bowls, cups, storage, cooking... most of the everyday objects we make of glass or china, and many we make of plastic (or even metal) were clay pottery in the ancient world. Living back then you were deeply (and probably unconsciously) aware of just how fragile standard clay pots are. We live in a world of bone china and hardened glass. Even the average cheap dinnerset is so much tougher than an ancient pot, and the broken pieces of pottery were everywhere...
Keywords: 1&2 Corinthians; E100; clay pots; broken pots
Downloads: 63
[audio]E100-48: Daniel 6:1 - 6:28: Introducing Daniel - Dr Tim Bulkeley
In this 5 minute recording I try to introduce Daniel, a book that has been placed among the prophets in Christian Bibles (following the tradition of the old Greek translation) but is not a "prophet" in the Hebrew Bible. The book contains two sorts of material, stories about Daniel, like this one "Daniel in the Lions' Den", and records of Daniel's visions, which seem to speak in a half hidden coded language...
Keywords: Daniel; Bible; biblical study; apocalypitc; lions
Downloads: 51
[audio]E100-47: Jeremiah 1:1 -€“ 3:5: Getting started as a prophet - Dr Tim Bulkeley
The call of Jeremiah should really have come before the Isaiah reading, as it gives us a good introduction to what a prophet is, and what prophets do. This reading also gives us a clear idea why prophets were often not much appreciated by the people to whom they were sent to proclaim God's message. There is so much one could talk about here, that I will focus mainly on Jeremiah's call and what that tells us about prophets, to help you understand other prophetic books...
Keywords: Jeremiah; prophet; prophecy; understanding the prophets; Bible; Old Testament
Downloads: 42
[audio]E100-49: Jonah 1:1 - 4:11: Jonah: a "€œWhy'€™d he do it?"€ story - Dr Tim Bulkeley
These four chapters tell the story of God's prophet Jonah (who attentive Bible students know from 2 Kings 14:25: He restored the border of Israel from Lebo-hamath as far as the Sea of the Arabah, according to the word of the LORD, the God of Israel, which he spoke by his servant Jonah son of Amittai, the prophet, who was from Gath-hepher. This true prophet runs away from God, says a long prayer inside a fish, preaches a five word sermon and converts the capital of an unusually brutal empire, and...
Keywords: prophet; prophecy; Jonah; Bible; Old Testament; humour; humor
Downloads: 44
[audio]E100-72: Acts 3:1 - 4:37: The rejected stone - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Peter gets some powerful lines in these two great chapters :) Since I was a child Iâve loved his: "I donât have silver and gold, but what I do have Iâll give you. Get up and walk!" So different from what we usually hear⦠And then when faced by the authorities he talks about his Master as the "Stone the builders rejected" quoting Ps 118:22. This superb Psalm all through contrasts human power and "protection" with God's steadfast love that endures forever.....
Keywords: Acts; Jesus; Psalms
Downloads: 11
[audio]E100-54: Luke 3:1 - 3:20: Baptism by water and by fire - Dr Tim Bulkeley
How would you take to John as preacher in your church? He certainly had an attention grabbing opening: You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Luke 3:7 If a little lacking in pastoral skills ;) But for a modern audience it actually gets harder, just as John seems to soften. And then there's Jesus...
Keywords: Luke; Jesus; baptism; Luke 3
Downloads: 56
[audio]E100-93: 1 Peter 1:1 - 2:12: A Living Hope - Dr Tim Bulkeley
This epistle is a bit of a puzzle it presents itself as written by Peter, Jesus' rough practical fisherman disciple, but it is written in smart literary Greek and the style seems to reflect Hellenistic rhetorical training. (As well as the sort of knowledge of Scripture we might expect from Peter!) Perhaps it was written by someone who owed a great debt to Peter or perhaps Peter had help from a ghost-writer â Silvanus (see 5:12) is a frequent candidate...
Keywords: 1&2 Peter; E100 epistle; salvation; writing the New Testament
Downloads: 7
[audio]E100-21: Exodus 19:1 -€“ 20:21: The Ten Commandments - Dr Tim Bulkeley
This reflection focuses on two things from this reading, the significance of calling Israel (in the context of making a covenant) a priestly kingdom and a holy nation, and how we should read/understand the ten commandments. (For that part it may help to listen to some of the podcasts here, in particular Casuistic and apodictic: part 1: What the terms mean.) We'll also end by realising what it means to say Yahweh is a jealous God, and very briefly start thinking about what that jealousy means...
Keywords: exodus; law; ten commandments
Downloads: 45
[audio]E100-24: Joshua 3:1 -€“ 4:24: Crossing the Jordan - Dr Tim Bulkeley
For today's reading there are historical (standing stones) and geographic (the Jordan river) information that is important, and perhaps better communicated by pictures and words, rather than words alone. So here are some relevant pictures, with brief captions... See the original post.
Keywords: Joshua; jordan; bible
Downloads: 21
[movies]Avoiding Bible Abuse: a few simple rules to protect the teaching of God's Word - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Often those who love (or who hate) the Bible abuse it. Sects seem able to "prove" anything they like from the Bible, yet a few simple rules can protect us from Bible abuse. After explaining why Bible abuse matters this screencast presents three of the most important principles: 1. Read the Bible like Jesus (Mat 5:17ff.) 2. A text without context is dumb! (Luke 14:16-24) 3. The Bible is perspicuous
Keywords: bible; bible abuse; reading the bible; interpretation; word of god
Downloads: 46
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